DOT Certificate
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On October 7, 2022, KR Hellas Ltd have signed a contract agreement with SMGI Ltd for DOT IIA (US Department of Transportation Independent Inspection Agency) inspection service as a preparatory stage for obtaining DOT approved factory as the approval holder.

SMGI recently moved to the Hwajeon Industrial Complex in Busan, and as inquiries about DOT certification from overseas buyers continued to increase, it was recently decided to pursue the acquisition of a DOT-approved factory. The product that SMGI decided to pursue DOT certification is a gas cylinder that has already received TPED certification from KR Helas and is exported to Europe with the PI mark attached.

KR Hellas has been registered as a witness to DAA of the U.S. Department of Transportation and a dynamic impact test witnessed by the Canadian Department of Transportation, including ADR (land transportation) / RID (rail transportation) / TPED (transportable pressure vessel) certifications for dangerous goods transport containers. Various inspections and certifications for transport containers are in progress.

Through this DOT IIA inspection service contract, it is expected that it will be an opportunity for mutual cooperation in inspection and certification of gas cylinders of KR Hellas and SMGI.

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