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We are authorized to provide the Korean Industrial Standards (KS Mark) flanges as well. The flanges for water industries such as sluice valves, butterfly valves, Fittings of coated steel pipes and spring safety valves are also available.
KS B 2332 - 1994
수도용 제수밸브용 플랜지
Sluice valves for water works flange
KD B 2333 - 1995
수도용 버터플라이 밸브용 플래진
Butterfly valves water works flange
SK B 6216 - 1998
JIS B 8210 - 1978 스프링 안전밸브의 설치 플랜지
전량정식 및 전량식 안전밸브 플랜지(온양정식 및 온량식)
수도용 도복장 강관 이형관용(KS D 3578 - 1997) 플랜지
Fittings of Coated Steel Pipes for Water Service